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Quantum Safe

Quantum safe cybersecurity safeguards data and systems from quantum computer threats. It prevents potential breaches of sensitive information by using encryption methods that resist quantum attacks.
Businesses benefit by securing their data, upholding their reputation, and staying ahead in cybersecurity. 
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Whilst mainstream quantum computers are a few years away, many organisations are already facing threats. Criminals are harvesting key data which they can decrypt later using Quantum Computers.


The US Federal act is requiring all critical companies to become Quantum safe. In an economy of trust, companies that fail to protect consumers’ data will fail. It’s important every business understands and plans for the threats and opportunities that Quantum computing will provide.


One example of a quantum-safe solution is quantum key distribution, which uses the properties of quantum mechanics to securely distribute encryption keys.


Another example is the use of post-quantum cryptography, which uses mathematical algorithms that are resistant to quantum attacks. These solutions will help ensure that data remains secure even as quantum computing becomes more powerful and widely adopted.

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