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AI & ML Leadership Team  Free Immersive Workshops

Immersive Workshop Information

For leadership teams  ready to maximize the
benefits of Gen AI, AI & ML,and AI 
Conversational Agents.
  • Goal : Exploring & Understanding Gen AI, AI & ML, and Conversational Agent Opportunities for your Organization and its Sector

  • Location : On site or off site to meet your teams requirements

  • Attendees: A team of 6-12 executives or the Board/Management Team

  • Duration: 8:30 am to 1 pm ( 4.5 hours workshop )

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AI & ML Innovation with Leading Experts

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Digital Transformation Expert

A consulting professional leader with over 30 years of experience in driving business success and innovation using digital technologies including: Gen AI, AI & ML, Web 3.0, AR/VR with a focus on the EQ aspects of change and leads on IQEQ Digital proprietary IADVO Framework. Previous Senior Partner roles include PwC UK & EMEA leader of Digital Transformation.

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Gen AI, AI & ML Expert

A technology leader with vast experience innovating and leading technology design & delivery using digital technologies including: Gen AI, AI & ML, Web 3.0, AR/VR with a focus on the IQ aspects of change across various industries such as FS, Utilities and many more. Leads on developing IntellixCore - IQEQ Digital Platform for Pattern training & X-Agent deployment. Previously Senior Partner roles include UK & EMEA lead for AI & ML and Intelligent Automation for PwC.

Companies Attended Our Bootcamp

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Evening both, Thanks again for your time today, we all appreciated your expertise and guidance in the tricky world of AI.  Everyone fed back positive noises about it being time well spent.

'' Fantastic discovery session on AI & ML to demonstrate the Art of the Possible and the specific AI & ML patterns that we should be developing to advance Tickle.  This is critical input to the business innovation and developing a new AI & ML led service model for delivering innovative offers from brands and new personalized services to delight Tickle users ''

AI & ML Immersive Workshop Agenda

  • Strategic Insights: Explore the IADVO – Intelligent, Automated, Distributed Virtual Organization  framework to prepare your organization to leverage the disruption.

  • Technical Architecture Mastery: Deepen your organizations understanding of the technical architecture for Intelligent and Automated solutions.

  • IntellixCore Capability: Understand the power of Patterns and how they can be swiftly and securely deployed as trained X-Agents to address valuable use cases.

  • DRUID AI Excellence: Explore the capabilities of DRUID's AI Conversational Agent Platform.

  • Use Case Library: Identify the important Gen AI, AI & ML Patterns and most significant uses case for your organization

  • Roadmap and Portfolio Identification: Prioritize use cases and craft a roadmap for actionable improvements.

  • Leadership Confidence: Develop an aligned team that understands and embraces AI & ML opportunity for your organization.

Learn more from these overview videos
Intellixcore overview
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DRUID AI Conversational Agent Overview
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