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Microsoft Co-Pilot

IQEQ Digital Microsoft Copilot Offering
- Transforming Business with AI-Driven Solutions
- Optimizing Readiness and Data Management
-Empowering Change and Enhancing Capabilities
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Transforming Business with AI-Driven Solutions

  • Partnership between IQEQ and Microsoft 365 Copilot.

  • Pioneering AI for enhanced productivity, creativity, and innovation.

  • Tailored Copilot Transformation service for business alignment.

  • Deep dive into Microsoft technologies: security, data protection, skillsets, governance.

  • Workplace Advisory team offering a Value Framework for business goal alignment.

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Optimizing Readiness and Data Management

  • Preparing enterprises for AI-enabled growth.

  • Readiness Assessment for Microsoft 365 Copilot integration.

  • Analysis of Microsoft 365 and Power Platform maturity.

  • Information Management Accelerator for secure, compliant data management.

  • SharePoint governance, robust models, and effective security/compliance controls.

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Empowering Change and Enhancing Capabilities

  • Fostering adaptability and extending Copilot's reach.

  • People-centric approach for organizational change.

  • Comprehensive methodology: strategy, analysis, communication, training, support.

  • Copilot Extensibility Accelerator: custom connectors and plugins.

  • Tailoring Copilot to meet specific business needs.

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