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Dec 8, 2023

Forge Strategic Partnership to Accelerate AI Transformation


IQEQ Digital has announced a partnership with DRUID AI, a pioneer in AI Conversational Agents.  We invite all organizations to join this transformative journey, discovering first hand the power and possibilities that Gen AI, AI & ML and AI Conversational Agents holds for their future strategic plans.

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London, 8th of December 2023 – DRUID, a global leader in conversational and generative AI technology for enterprise productivity, has announced a partnership with IQEQ Digital, a pioneer in AI & ML services and solutions. This collaboration integrates DRUID's technology with IQEQ Digital's IntellixCore platform, enhancing end-to-end AI transformation.

IQEQ DIGITAL, a next-gen digital transformation company, is recognized for its IntellixCore Gen AI and AI & ML platform. It enhances business processes with intelligent capabilities, scalability, and seamless integration. Through this strategic alliance, both organizations are introducing specialized Bootcamps and Immersive Workshops for clients interested in Gen AI, AI & ML, and AI Conversational Agents.

The transformative partnership promotes innovative business processes and elevates customer and employee engagement through intuitive AI-driven interactions. With DRUID's expertise and a clientele of over 175 global enterprise customers, and IQEQ Digital's robust AI solutions, this collaboration aims to accelerate enterprise operations. The partnership facilitates the development of advanced AI applications, such as multi-device conversational agents and digital workers, leveraging IntellixCore’s xAgent patterns.

"The partnership marks a significant milestone in the realm of AI transformation, bringing together the best of DRUID's conversational AI prowess and IQEQ Digital's innovative solutions," said Roelof Stofberg, CRO of DRUID. "We are not just transforming operations; we are reshaping the future of how enterprises harness the power of artificial intelligence."

"Our collaboration with DRUID heralds a new era of possibilities for businesses seeking to embrace AI and ML seamlessly," stated Sultan Mahmood, CEO and Partner at IQEQ Digital. "Through our Bootcamps and Immersive Workshops, clients will gain hands-on experience, unlocking enterprise-wide transformative potential of Gen AI, AI & ML, and AI Conversational Agents in their operations."

As DRUID and IQEQ Digital join forces, they invite enterprises to embark on this transformative journey, discovering first-hand the power and possibilities that AI holds for their organizations.

About DRUID 
DRUID ( is an end-to-end platform for building, deploying, and scaling AI-driven conversational business applications, designed to deliver next-level employee productivity and the total customer experience in the most intuitive way. Acting as a front layer to all digital operations, DRUID unifies and enhances the existing technology landscape while mitigating app fatigue (learning and adapting to new systems). In addition, DRUID intelligent virtual assistants enable fast, personalized, omnichannel, and hyper-automated interactions while speaking each organization's language via open integrations with any existing enterprise systems and RPA technologies. Starting with 2018, DRUID actively builds on its vision to provide each employee with an intelligent virtual assistant, establishing an extensive 160+ partner network and servicing 200+ clients worldwide. 

About IQEQ Digital
IQEQ Digital ( specializes in next-generation digital transformation, with services including Gen IA, AI & ML, Web3/blockchain, and AR/VR technologies. Their IntellixCore platform offers flexible, scalable, and powerful AI solutions for businesses.

For more information, contact IQEQ Digital at or visit to book immersive workshops or bootcamp.

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