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London Event 

  • Goal: Exploring & Understanding Gen AI, AI & ML and AI Conversational Agent Opportunities

  • Attendees: 10-20 executives from diverse sectors

  •  Location: London with various dates to choose in registration form.

  • Duration: 8:30 am to 1 pm (4.5 hour workshop)

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AI & ML Innovation with Leading Experts

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Digital Transformation Expert

A consulting professional leader with over 30 years of experience in driving business success and innovation using digital technologies including: Gen AI, AI & ML, Web 3.0, AR/VR with a focus on the EQ aspects of change and leads on IQEQ Digital proprietary IADVO Framework. Previous Senior Partner roles include PwC UK & EMEA leader of Digital Transformation.

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Gen AI, AI & ML Expert

A technology leader with vast experience innovating and leading technology design & delivery using digital technologies including: Gen AI, AI & ML, Web 3.0, AR/VR with a focus on the IQ aspects of change across various industries such as FS, Utilities and many more. Leads on developing IntellixCore - IQEQ Digital Platform for Pattern training & X-Agent deployment. Previously Senior Partner roles include UK & EMEA lead for AI & ML and Intelligent Automation for PwC.

Companies Attended Our Bootcamp

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The IQEQ Digital AI & ML Framework has really changed my view on AI & ML from something that is vague and difficult to understand into something that can be broken-down, understood and addressed in a step by step way

Thank you so much. Eye opening and thought provoking

Excellent delivery and super use of time. Brilliant education piece and refreshing user experience

Really good/ Brilliant and delivered in bite size understandable chunks

Really good day and very interactive. The framework is really good for AI

Exceptional. I understand how IADVO really matters and is a game changer for future

Brilliant. The approach was broken down for AI strategy

The Workbook is a brilliant guide to reinforce Bootcamp learning with practical next steps

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AI & ML Executive Insight Bootcamp Agenda

  • Strategic Vision: Explore the IADVO framework Intelligent, Automated, Distributed,Virtual Organization and prepare for disruption and opportunity

  • Technical Mastery: Dive into the technical architecture of Intelligent and Automated

  • IntellixCore Capability: Understand the power of Patterns and how they can be swiftly
    and securely deployed as trained X-Agents to address valuable use cases.

  • DRUID AI Excellence: Explore the capabilities of DRUID's AI Conversational Agent

  • Use Cases: Delve into an extensive library of use cases for Gen AI, AI & ML Patterns.

  • Leadership: Equip yourself with the skills to articulate and lead the Gen AI, AI & ML
    opportunity effectively.

Learn more from these overview videos
Intellixcore overview
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DRUID AI Conversational Agent Overview
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