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Digital Health Testing Start-up

Developed a front to back solution for a health start-up using Google technologies connecting customers with laboratories and logistics providers. Used Machine Learning to predict best routes for delivery and collection of testing services.
“IQEQ Digital transformed our company by taking us mobile and implementing cloud solutions, which gave our employees the flexibility they needed to work most efficiently.”

Disrupting the Ads Market

IQEQ digital is working with a new innovative tech startup that is dispruting the adds market by provide a unique swipe feature on Ads allowing users to store Ads into their mobile wallets. The system then uses AI to find similar offers and allow users to take advantage of any offers or find similar products. The user interface includes IOS app, Android App and a Web interface to allow Brands to update Ad campaigns and manage their offers. 

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Finance Trading Company

Developed AI Algorithms for a stock trading company based on training using historical data and ongoing machine learning for optimisation. Results achived enabled client to demonstrate a win rate of 70% with a ROI of 40% over a 6 month period.
“Our company has chosen IQEQ Digital for our IT needs for developing trading algos. They always make sure we’re ahead of the technology curve, and are also very enjoyable to work with.”

Technology Company

Developed the website and front end for this technology company. Provided resources and specialists for developing Crypto tokens and smart contracts.
"Our company needed to unique in demand IT skills and we approached IQEQ to provide us with resources and services at cost effective prices"

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Marketplace Comparison Platform

We are actively supporting a marketplace comparison platform in its scale up fundraising, with an additional priority focus on elevating its AI & ML capabilities and growth hacking. The objective is to significantly enhance customer personalization, refine recommendation systems, and bolster chatbot functionalities. This strategic investment will empower the platform to provide customers with more tailored experiences, enabling better decision-making, fostering increased user engagement.  These changes along with implementing growth 'boost' mechanics will accelerate users adoption increasing valuation and lowering CAC.

Rented Housing - IntellixCore

Using the IntellixCore platform we have built a system that is capable of monitoring 60,000 properties and predicting which tenants will go into rent arrears.  This role is today done by rent officers with a high degree of manual effort.  The IntellixCore AI & ML solution intgrates a Predictive Pattern, a Large Language Pattern and a Chatbot Pattern.  Once trained on the data the rent officer can interrogate the IntellixCore X-Agent and query who is likely to default via a DRUID AI Conversational Agent chatbot.  The X-Agent can auto generate a rent arrears letter to be reviewed by the rent officer which can be sent to the tenant. The solution saves the majority of time and effort currently involved in the process and is highly accurate. 

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