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Our Leadership Team

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IQEQ: Combining tech IQ with leadership EQ for digital project success. Our experienced team, with a background in major firms, offers a fast, cost-effective delivery model. Trust, quality, and value guide us. We focus on rapid, quality results and streamline strategy to execution without unnecessary layers
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Digital Transformation Expert

A consulting professional leader with over 30 years of experience in driving business success and innovation using digital technologies including: Gen AI, AI & ML, Web 3.0, AR/VR with a focus on the EQ aspects of change and leads on IQEQ Digital proprietary IADVO Framework. Previous Senior Partner roles include PwC UK & EMEA leader of Digital Transformation.

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Customer Services

An experienced customer service leader and medical doctor. Has established a number of business brands from sratch and is an expert on social media and human behaviours. Also led a number of businesses including a retail business and has extensive experience in dealing with people and EQ related issues

Tor Gisvold


Advisor & Technical Architect

Experienced digital CTO/technologist specialising in software and infrastructure architecture, running internationally distributed development and technology teams.  Bootstrapping and evangelising new technologies successfully to large organisations.

Deep experience in automotive and connected cars (IOT devices), using AWS/GCP/Microsoft Clouds.  

Specialist in using cutting edge technologies, including Gen AI and AI & ML, and advising on deployment of the IntellixCore platform.

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Creative Consultant

As a creative consultant, I specialize in crafting compelling visual narratives and design solutions that enhance brand identity and captivate audiences. My passion for design extends beyond aesthetics, emphasizing the emotional impact of design. I've had the privilege of collaborating with diverse clients, from startups to established brands.


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Data Scientist

I'm passionate Data Scientist and Analyst with 3+ years of expertise in Data Science, Data Analysis, and Data Mining. Proficient in Python and R, skilled in handling structured and unstructured data. Specialized in Machine Learning and Deep Learning and NLP techniques. Proficient in frameworks like PyTorch, TensorFlow. Experienced with Apache Spark, MLlib, and Horovod for parallel and distributed training.Notable projects include pre-sdvertisement analysis, medical text summarization and query, cargo packing prediction, and breast cancer analysis. Strong team player with excellent communication skills.


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Gen AI, AI & ML Expert

A technology leader with vast experience innovating and leading technology design & delivery using digital technologies including: Gen AI, AI & ML, Web 3.0, AR/VR with a focus on the IQ aspects of change across various industries such as FS, Utilities and many more. Leads on developing IntellixCore - IQEQ Digital Platform for Pattern training & X-Agent deployment. Previously Senior Partner roles include UK & EMEA lead for AI & ML and Intelligent Automation for PwC.


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Succesful CTO and Archictect who has worked for many clients undertaking didigital transformation including cloud, web and Enterprise Apps. Specialises in business development and relationships. Established offshore development teams and held roles such as Project Director and Senior Architect.

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Generative AI Engineer

Abdullah is an accomplished Machine Learning Engineer with expertise in developing and deploying cutting-edge AI/ML solutions for over 2 Years. He has experience working with international clients to power transformative generative AI applications. Abdullah is recognized for his strong communication skills, high-quality productions and the ability to build trust with clients of various nationalities.


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Web Developer

A frontend web developer with an experience of over 5 years. Handle Clients successfully and give solution of complex problems in different industries like education, textile, and insurance etc. Previously held roles including Senior React Developer and team lead.


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Junior ML Developer

Zoha is a skilled Machine Learning Engineer with one year experience in Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence. Her journey also encompasses hands-on roles in data analysis within both insurance and retail sectors. Beside her technical realms, she encompasses remarkable communication skills and a steadfast commitment to delivering top-notch results.


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