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Unleash your RPA robots with Conversational AI

As a business and technology consultant, I've witnessed firsthand how the rapid adoption of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tools like UiPath has transformed businesses across industries. By automating repetitive tasks, these organisations have enjoyed increased efficiency, cost savings, and improved employee morale. However, a significant number of businesses are not reaping the full benefits of their UiPath robots, with utilisation rates as low as 10%. To overcome this challenge, I recommend the introduction of a conversational AI agent to interact and control these robots, potentially boosting utilization to over 80%.

Low utilisation of RPA tools can be attributed to various factors, including the lack of proper integration with existing workflows, inadequate training, and insufficient communication between robots and employees. By implementing a conversational AI agent, organisations can seamlessly address these issues and unlock the true potential of their UiPath robots.

First and foremost, a conversational AI agent can improve communication between the RPA tool and the employees. By enabling users to interact with the robots through natural language, employees can more easily delegate tasks and receive updates on the robot's progress. This significantly simplifies the interaction process and reduces the learning curve associated with using RPA tools.

Furthermore, the AI agent can assist in optimising robot utilization by intelligently managing workloads and prioritizing tasks. By analysing historical data and real-time inputs, the agent can dynamically allocate tasks to the available robots, ensuring optimal utilisation of resources and minimizing bottlenecks.

Finally, the introduction of a conversational AI agent can enable businesses to scale their RPA initiatives by allowing the robots to handle more complex tasks. The agent's advanced algorithms can break down complex processes into smaller, manageable tasks that the robots can execute, effectively expanding their capabilities.

By adopting a conversational AI agent to interact and control UiPath robots, organizations can significantly improve robot utilization rates and realize the true potential of RPA. To find out how your business can benefit from this innovative approach, I encourage you to contact IQEQ Digital, a leader in digital transformation and RPA solutions.

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